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About our workshops and courses

ESI offers a wide range of workshops and courses that meet the needs of the event sector and government. ESI works together with various substantive experts for this.

The ESI courses are characterized by the use of international insights, many practical examples and application-oriented learning methods.

Everyone who is involved in event safety can contact ESI for an appropriate (additional) training. We are happy to discuss your training needs and make an appropriate offer. Inquire about the possibilities.

Incompany possibilities

If you opt for an in-company workshop or training from ESI, you are assured of direct connection to your organization and learning needs. You take care of the location, the participants and the facility conditions, we ensure that you receive the training that really suits you.

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Theory and practice

You learn the most by combining theory with practice. That is why ESI offers the possibility to combine training with practical guidance or coaching. In this way you get the most out of the knowledge and insights you gain in training. Inquire about the possibilities.