Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis

28 Jan 2020 - 30 Jan 2020 / 09:00 - 17:00 uur

This course is provided by Prof. dr. G. Keith Still and meets the standards and requirements of the IIRSM program at Manchester Metropolitain University (HBO level). After successful completion of the course, the participant can choose to make an academic assignment in which the acquired knowledge is applied. Successful completion of the assignment provides direct access to the Master of Science Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis program (MSc, Manchester Metropolitan University). The course is exclusively offered in the Netherlands and Belgium by the Event Safety Institute.

Unique international course by dr. Keith Still (UK)

introcrowdscienceIf you are responsible for safety in public space, you must be able to apply principles and insights in the field of Crowd Science. This statement by Professor Keith Still can hardly be denied. Crowd Safety is central to the planning of the event and the considerations that must be made when choosing, organizing and assessing the safety of an event location. Anyone who is involved from a private role or a public responsibility must be able to understand what risks are involved and how to deal with the specific safety risks surrounding people crowds. The Event Safety Institute offers exclusively for the Netherlands and Belgium this internationally accredited course at HBO level for professionals. The course is provided by Keith Still, along with teachers from the Event Safety Institute.

Aim of the course

Developing more awareness about the behavior of crowds and individuals in the crowd, and their reactions to certain developments. The course also provides insight into how public behavior can be modeled and how certain techniques that contribute to public safety can be applied.

Learning objectives

After attending the course, the participant can:

  • recognize dangerous situations for planning and assessing events (Crowd Risk Analysis)
  • understand mass behavior in the complex and built environment, under normal circumstances and in emergency situations
  • model an event in phases (intake, circulation, outflow) and recognize factors that influence (design, information and management)
  • carry out risk analyzes for planning, designing and managing areas where crowds gather and move
  • apply guidelines for managing audience movements for different types of locations
  • articulate which factors are decisive for the risks and safety of crowds

Masters program Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

The course is designed as an Accreditation or Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) route for direct access to the Msc Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis. This is a three-year learning trajectory that can be followed largely remotely (online). More information can be found on the website of the MMU.

Open registration

The course can be attendet by open enrollment on 29, 30 and 31 October 2018 in Amsterdam.

Location: The Basket, Boelelaan 1109-b, Amsterdam.


It is also possible to organize the course in-company. This can be done for three days in a row, for groups of up to 30 participants.

During the course we apply the available knowledge about Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis to your case studies and events. This includes: how and when your number of visitors reaches a critical limit, and how the effects of design, information and management influence the behavior of your visitors. These are vital components for understanding public safety at your event. We help your team individually or collectively to understand crowds, to make the necessary safety plans, and to interpret and deal with peaceful protests. Precisely by following the course at your own location, your team can learn together and apply the knowledge to their own practice.

      • Target group: everyone who is involved in crowd management of public events, the organization of event locations and the determination of measures that influence audience movements at events, stadiums and other entertainment areas. (employees and advisers from event agencies, producers, security organizations, police, security regions, municipalities, architectural firms, amusement parks, concert halls and stadiums)
      • Description: English course to become a crowd safety specialist with knowledge of Crowd Risks, Safety Engineering, Crowd Dynamics, Emergency Planning. The participant learns how to work with different models for risk analysis and management, including the DIM-ICE model and the RAMP analysis.
      • Required foreknowledge: HBO working and thinking level, with basic knowledge of crowd safety (see course offer ESI)
      • Content: course material, exercise cases, exam (sheets and background documentation are provided digitally)
      • Duration: 3 days
      • Planning: the course in open enrollment will take place on 29, 30 and 31 October 2018.
      • Location: The Basket, De Boelelaan 1109-b, 1081 HV Amsterdam.
      • Number of participants: maximum 30
      • Price:
        • open registration: € 1295.00 ex VAT per person, incl. lunch and drinks.
        • Incompany: ask ESI about the possibilities
      • Guidance: Prof. dr. Dr Keith Still and Syan Schaap (the official language is English)

During this course we will discuss the following topics:

Day 1

1 Introduction to Crowd Risk Analysis Lecture

2 Static Crowds – Workbook Exercise

3 Static Crowds – Class Exercise

4 Static Crowds Lecture

5 Moving Crowds – Workbook Exercise

6 Moving Crowds – Class Exercise

7 Moving Crowds – Corridor Class Exercise

8 Moving Crowds – Spreadsheet Analysis

9 Moving Crowds Lecture

10 Crowd Modelling for Events Lecture (with class exercises)

11 Crowd Risk Analysis Lecture (with class exercises)

12 Setting the homework (Matrix analysis)


Day 2

13 Matrix Analysis Solutions – Class exercise

14 Event Design Considerations Lecture (with class exercises)

15 Simulating Crowds Lecture (with class exercises)

16 Inattentional Blindness and Crowd Monitoring Lecture (with class exercises)

17 Crowd Strategy Modelling Lecture (with class exercises)

18 Queueing, Ingress and Egress Lecture (with class exercises)

19 Event Egress – Class Exercise


Day 3

20 Your Case Studies – Tasks Outline

21 Delegates Case Studies (Modelling)

22 Delegates Case Studies (Presentations)

23 Workshop – Round Up Session

About Prof. dr. Keith Still

keith_still_bucks_new_universityG.K. (Keith) Still is a Professor in Crowd Science at Manchester Metropolitan University and is a Visiting Professor at Bucks New University. Since 1999 he has been providing various courses and training on Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis to professionals in the event world and within the government (municipality, emergency services, regional and national authorities). He was also an expert witness after several crowd disasters and was involved as an advisor in tackling various complex issues concerning crowd and security.

Personal website Keith Still


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