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ESI’s research and advice contribute to event safety and sustainability.


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ESI’s educational services, training and workshops are intended for those involved in the safety and sustainabilty of events.

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ESI’s website forms a portal to knowledge and insights on event safety, crowd management and sustainability.

Event Safety Institute, the next level in event safety

Currently safety, health and sustainabilty of events are more and more in the spotlights. As the number of public and business events keeps rising, we see a growing need for quality. Subjects increasingly important are amongst others: crowd management, site design, safety of temporary constructions, security, medical care, crisis management and the management of mobility, waste and energy.

The Event Safety Institute is your independent expert partner for event safety, crisis management, crowd management, mobility management and security management. It is our mission is to contribute to safer, healthier and more sustainable events. We do this through research, advice, training and education.

Our consultants and trainers take an approach based on theory and practice. We work with well recognized experts on specific areas. Our approach is pragmatic with a personal touch.

ESI’s trainers and consultants have practical knowledge, but take administrative and governmental considerations into account as well. ESI works with recognized (inter)national event safety and sustainability guidelines and wants to contribute to a more general international approach.

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